Hello Westshore Members,

Following a fun and successful 4th of July at the lake, our next event – our Annual Westshore Membership Meeting – is fast approaching. We will meet next Saturday, July 20, 2019, 9:00 AM at the main intersection in the center of camp. We have an agenda filled with good information and three Board positions up for election this year. We encourage all camp owners to attend!

The elections process this year will be a little different than in the past. First, the Board has voted unanimously a resolution to not allow Proxy voting this year. Instead, and in an effort to involve all our camp owners an opportunity to vote and participate in this year’s elections, we have decided to take nominations at the Annual Meeting amongst all camp owners present. Then once nominations are accepted, certified ballots will be mailed out to all 80 camp owners who will have an opportunity to vote for three open Board positions and return your ballots by a specified deadline. Votes would then be counted at our next Board meeting by members in attendance.

The reminder here is that the camp owner/member, as listed on the Lessee/Owner Contact Information Form that all camps are required to turn in each spring along with all other camp paperwork, are the members who are eligible to nominate, vote and hold a Board position. Immediate family members and those who are listed through the Grandfathered Family Members Succession on each camp Gate Authorization Form are not eligible to nominate, vote or hold a Board position. The Board of Directors will have a copy of each camp owner’s information at the meeting, and all nominations will be checked and verified before final ballots will be presented to the membership by mail. All nominees must be present to accept a nomination. This allows a nominee an opportunity to ask questions if they would like before deciding to accept a nomination. It also shows the membership that by being present and involved, a nominee would most likely be vested in the Board should they be elected. Therefore, despite a mail-in ballot vote it is still desirable for all camp owners to attend if possible.

We look forward to seeing you at our Annual Meeting next Saturday, and continuing to enjoy a beautiful summer and a full Lake Pillsbury!!


Rob Silva, President

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